The Haunting

Oh Carter Woodson I am haunted by the visions of yesterday and today! How cunning are the disguises that Society uses to cloak the human conditions of my people?

We are daily seduced by the “Reality Shows” with an abundance of Black people anxious to have their “fifteen minutes of Fame and Misery.” We, the viewers, are willing to be entertained by tears of desperation--the beeping of buzzers drowning out words of the obscenity and Madness.

We anxiously await the results of the “Holy Lie Detector Test and Diagnostic Paternity
Court.” We welcome the opportunity to divulge our intricacies as cheaters, as lost
Mommies, and delinquent daddies—the Mandingo breeders, who have not paid their dues to
the mothers and the State!

One of the worst episode was of young black woman who had been told her mother had put
her in a garbage can when she was a baby. The mother admitted she was on “crack” when she
was born, but she had not put her in a garbage can. As emotions became almost uncontrollable,
the results from the “Holy Lie Detector” revealed that she had LIED! The two had their “fifteen minutes of Fame and a lifetime of Misery."

The screen goes Black …….

A vision of appears …The setting is Two Black Women on an Auction Block.

We hear the voice of Mary Prince, a West Indian Slave (1788-1833), who is revisiting her past
experience on the Auction Block. I was soon surrounded by strange men, she said, who examined me and handled me the same way a butcher would a calf or lamb …. When the sale was over my mother hugged and kissed me. We mourned over us to keep a good heart and do our duty to our Masters.

by Margaret Christian